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This is Bob Strange, yes I know, it is Strange but don’t hold it against me.  I live in the Kansas City, Missouri area with my wife and 3 of 5 children, two have moved out and on their own.  I married Jenifer at the age of 30 in 1994, she was 25 and neither of us had ever been married prior.

Today we have 5 children and 1 granddaughter, 3 dogs, 3 parakeets and 3 rabbits.  Don’t know why the number 3 is so common, perhaps we should get rid of the rabbits.

My wife and I own and operate a BBQ food truck, actually it’s a trailer called Burnt Offerings BBQ, A Christian Family Smoke Team.  We cater BBQ when needed and set up to sell on street corners in small towns near where we live.  We have been in business since 2015 and love every minute of smoking meat and selling great BBQ.  It is our food ministry.

It is our goal to serve those that come to us with a Christ like innocence.

Well, that is it in a short summary and the following is more information about me in another version.

My name is Bob, I was born to a hard working blue collar family in the Midwest.  Raised in and around a small towns about 1-hour southwest of Kansas City.

High School

After high school, I left our small family farm to chase an ambition to become a veterinarian.   I soon found out that I was way too immature to attend college so I changed directions to work as a cowboy in Colorado.



Being a cowboy was the best thing in the world for an immature boy living to impress the girls and purchase another beer.  I soon learned that those cowboys don’t make much money and spend a lot of time alone. I moved out west.


Salt Lake City

I thought to move further out west would be the answer, so I moved to the great city of Salt Lake City.  Worked construction and began to grow up, not much, but a little.  A few years of the great salt lake was enough for me so I moved back to the Midwest to pursue other interest.


Back Home in the Midwest

Back at home in the Midwest and more home construction.  It wasn’t long before I found my first love, firefighting.  I was completely obsessed with my love and did all I could to learn all things about fire and emergency medical services.


Firefighting – first love

The love I felt for running inside a burning house that everyone else was escaping, drove me to allow firefighting to consume my life.  Training and learning, gaining experience about firefighting continued as I got my first job as a paid firefighter.  Wow!  The dream has come true.  Years later, I met my second and by far the most important love of my like.


Christ – second love

My parents never kept me from pursuing Jesus, but they never introduced me either.  I was almost thirty when I met my Lord and Savior.  Since then I have grown so much in love with Him and now have a personal relationship that is always growing.  What a ride it has been.  He truly saved me from the grips of the devil.  Almost simultaneously as meeting Him, I also met my wonderful wife.


Wife – third love 

My wife and I have been together since 1994 and this relationship is stronger than ever and is under construction and building constantly.  I don’t deserve her but she continues to hang around, I will keep her.  If she ever leaves, I am going with her.


BBQ and smokin’ meats yet another love of my life

Once I started the BBQ and smoking meat thing, it also took over my life and the race was on to see how much information, training and knowledge I could cram into my busy life about my new found love.

A few years ago I turned my backyard hobby into my full-time gig. My family and I decided to take the plunge. We borrowed some money from our home equity and purchased a BBQ food truck, actually it is a trailer.


Birth of a BBQ business

With my talents for smoking and cooking along with a few recipes and no knowledge of the BBQ business, we took the big step. It wasn’t long after getting started that we became very busy and before we knew it, we were full-time BBQ food truck operators. Wow! What a ride it has been.

I built a business that began in my backyard.  I began smoking meats as a part time hobby that soon became a love of mine and a full-time business as a BBQ food truck.  I had so many questions to ask about different techniques, recipes, and equipment, I had no idea where to turn for answers.


Giving a helping hand leads to birth of second business

I decided to help people that had the same fears as I did.  I just want to assist others that may be wanting to try different techniques, recipes, and equipment.  Hence this page.

So if you have fears and questions about starting a business, especially a business in the BBQ food truck industry and want more information about all things BBQ….techniques, recipes, and equipment, let’s chat.

Currently, we own and operate Burnt Offerings BBQ, A Christian Family Smoke Team.  If that wasn’t enough, I decided to build web pages and become a professional blogger.

On top of all that I still have the love of firefighting, I am the fire Chief in my hometown and still lead others into that burning house and living life on the edge, but not without God.

We believe in putting God first, family second and work third.  I am Blest enough and have the opportunity to keep our priorities just the way we want them.


God Bless

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      God Bless

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