Interesting thing about blogging, is that the author can write from a factual point of view or an opinionated point.  I promised you and myself that I would keep this page based purely on factual educational information about the Catholic Church and her teachings.  I am about to break that promise already with my second post on this site.  My priest even advised me to keep all post lighthearted, forgive me father for this post is not so lighthearted.

How can a person say they are Catholic but not live their lives according to the teachings of the Church?  I have witnessed so many people that fail to strive to be Catholic, there is no attempt to or desire to live as the Catholic Church teaches them to live.  Are they Catholic?  Can they claim to be Catholic?  I say no.  I say since they push away the fundamental teachings, they are not Catholic, not sure what they are, but not Catholic.

There are certain basic teachings of the Catholic Church that must be followed in order to be a true Catholic.  The Church teaches that all forms of birth control is wrong (the reason it is wrong, another time and another post),skipping Church on a Holy day of Obligation is also not taught in the Church.  These are just two of many examples of Church teachings that some Catholics choose not to follow.  The Church teaches us how to live a moral and just life but some choose to follow their own way, the decide what teachings are good and bad, right and wrong.  I call these people “cafeteria Catholics” or “Ala Carte Catholics”, where the Church no longer gets to decide for you.  You get to pick what you like, what you think is right and moral.  The Catholic Church is left out and they become their own church.  This reminds me a lot of the story of Adam and Eve, when they decided to become their own god by eating the forbidden fruit.

So is it wrong to purposely go against the teachings of the Catholic Church and still call yourself Catholic?  If a person doesn’t like the way the Church teaches and doesn’t want to live their life as the Church teaches, then perhaps they should move on to establish their own church, one that is different from the One True Catholic and Apostolic Church….Oh, wait, someone already did that.  What was his name?  Oh, yes, Luther.  He went on to live a life that was far from Catholic and they called him the first Protestant.  More on him and the Reformation in another post.  At least he didn’t continue to call himself Catholic.  My argument is if a person chooses not to attempt living up to what the Church teaches, they can no longer be called Catholic.  Luther tried to reform the Church and change it to something that it is not, he formed a whole new religion.  That same concept continued and still continues to this day.  Currently there are almost 36,000 different Protestant religions in the world today.  Someone just repeated what Luther started and it hasn’t stopped yet.

What are your thoughts on this matter?  Please leave me your comments below.  Remember we want to continue adding comments and chatting with you about this matter, so keep all comments respectful and nice.

God Bless


6 thoughts on “Catholics that don’t act it

  1. Well thanks for this post I agree with you in this topic we need to say I am catholic but to act like one we need to be examples of Jesus love here We need to act like a real catholic is not as easy as we say it, I think it is really important to write about it I am really happy you choose this keep going with this It is been really helpful for me

    1. Felix, thanks for the comment.  This was something that weighed heavy on my chest and thought I would get it out there for all to talk about.

      Please come back and watch our site grow.  There will be more to come.

      Thanks again, Felix.

  2. this was an interesting viewpoint on how catholics should act and i definitely learnt a lot from the article, despite me being an atheist.

    ive never really thought about how catholics think they should act in order to be ‘real’ catholics but now i understand the arguments to a much greater extent than before

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by my site.

      People like you is the reason I came up with this site.  I wanted people to see the truth about the Catholic Church.  You may not agree with it or like it but it is still the truth.

      Thanks again for stopping by.  Please stop by again soon.

  3. I completely understand this article. I know lots of so called Catholics that don’t really live by the code of conduct or the morals of the Church.
    I know some that use contraception, they don’t always attend church, they get divorced and more. What I don’t like is they still call themselves Catholic. They should have to change their faith until the learn to live like a catholic.

    1. Thanks Joyce so much for this comment.
      I stand with you Joyce, on this issue. If a person does not live like the Church teaches, then you should not be considered a Catholic. If you don’t go to the Catholic Church but yet you say you are Catholic, that is not true. That is a lie. If you don’t go to the Catholic Church, you are not Catholic and you are not Baptist or any other faith, you don’t go.
      Sorry, I am getting upset now just thinking about it. No Catholic Church, not Catholic. Just like, no Baptist church, not a Baptist.
      I met a man about a year ago, we got to talking about faith, I told him I was Catholic and he said he was too. He then later said he and his first wife went to the Church but now he and his new wife do not go. My question was, how can you say you are Catholic but yet not go to Church and be divorced? He said that it didn’t matter, he was still Catholic. No! I said, you are not. You don’t knowingly live by what the Church teaches, so therefore you are not Catholic, don’t say you are.
      Thanks so much for the comment
      God Bless,

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