Listen closely you can hear this baby say…

I love you mommy, please don’t kill me.

Try to watch the following without crying.  This comes from the movie Bella, which won the peoples choice award.  Listen carefully to the words, good luck.

The following is the true voice from the womb, it is called “The Silent Scream.”  Be forewarned, graphic material.

I know this is very controversial but it is also life or death of an unborn baby.  To most Christians it is dead wrong to kill another for private gain.  If you thought a baby was a bad idea, shouldn’t have had sex.  Plain and simple.  God is where you need to turn for help.  If you are thinking about an abortion, let me tell you, it is wrong, please don’t make another really big mistake, there are options.  Please call a priest or stop by a Catholic Church for more assistance.

What are your thoughts?  Please leave me a comment on this issue below.

2 thoughts on “A Voice from the Womb

  1. I guess that you are against abortion. I think most Catholics are, right? Those videos are wild and show a really strong message about abortions. Thanks for the messages. I really like the song, never had heard that one.

    1. Thanks for commenting on this post.
      Yes, you are right, they do send a great and strong message to the person watching.
      I think that ALL Christians should be against abortion. Do you think Jesus would allow someone to kill babies. I don’t think Jesus would be the doctor that would perform such an evil act.
      Abortion is wrong in all cases and at no times should a baby be killed. Those videos show the hard cold truth about how babies die when this procedure is performed. Stop the killing of innocent babies, is what I say.
      I also like that song as well. It is a tear jerker if you let it. The video is from a movie called Bella, great movie.
      Thanks and God Bless

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