I was looking around the wonderful world wide web the other day and found a great post about Atonement and I have many non-Catholic friends that speak of another belief  in this subject but here I will attempt to teach what the Catholic Church teaches about Atonement.

How Catholics live – Atonement

The Catholic teachings of Christ’s Passion and Atonement is that Christ offered Himself up in self-sacrificial love to the Father, obedient even unto death, for the sins of all men.  In His human will He offered to God a sacrifice of love that was more pleasing to the Father than the combined sins of all men of all time are displeasing to Him, and thus made satisfaction for our sins.  The Passion is Christ’s greatest act of love, the greatest revelation of the heart of God, and the glory of Christ.  So when Christ was on the cross, God the Father was not pouring out His wrath on His Son; in Christ’s act of self-sacrifice in loving obedience to the Father, Christ was most lovable in the eyes of the Father.  Rather, in Christ’s Passion we humans poured out our enmity with God on Christ, by what we did to Him in His body and soul.  And He freely chose to let us do all this to Him.  Deeper still, even our present sins contributed to His suffering, because He, in solidarity with us, grieved over all the sins of the world, not just the sins of the elect.  Hence, St. Francis of Assisi said, “Nor did demons crucify Him; it is you who have crucified Him and crucify Him still, when you delight in your vices and sins.” The Passion is a revelation of the love of God.

That does it for Atonement, I could add a little more but you get the total picture.

As always, what are your thoughts?  Where do you stand on Atonement?

This is what the Catholic Church teaches, you may not agree with it or like it but it is still what the Catholic Church teaches.  If you find it is not the true teaching, please tell me in the comment section.

Again, please keep all comments nice and respectful so we all can learn.


4 thoughts on “Atonement

  1. Hey, great article!

    It gave a nice insight into the concept of atonement as it was something I never quite understood as I was raised Christian but had Catholic friends.

    I lean more towards the Gnostic side nowadays, but am always open to learning. Thanks for sharing the great write up, I’m sure it will help a lot of people!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my site.  We do appreciate the comments.

      That was my plan was to have someone read that information and have a greater understanding of How Catholics Live. 

      Thanks, please stop by anytime to discuss a topic.

      God Bless

  2. Thank you for the reminder. nobody is perfect so I guess some type of atonement is called for in every body from time to time. also its probably a good idea at death no matter what your beliefs are. I would like to see more famous people, especially our politicians, openly admit to wrong doing and try to atone. Of coarse there is confession but I would like to do more public service and helping the less fortunate as a way to atone and make the world a better place. I think you can really discuss a lot of options on this subject. I look forward to see where it goes

    1. Thanks so much for the comment on my site.  I do appreciate all the comments.

      I agree, if more people would do good in the world by helping others especially the less fortunate. 

      You are right, you give me a great idea about additional discussion about atonement.  I will give it some serious prayer and thought.

      God Bless


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