The Bible is God’s book, God’s word to us.  God “inspired” the human authors of this book.  That means that each book in the Bible has two authors, the human one and the divine one.  The Bible is the word of God in the words of men.

That name, “the word of God,” is also the name of a person.  Jesus is also called “The Word of God.”  The Bible, like Jesus, has two natures, human and divine.  

Like Jesus, the Bible is wholly human and wholly divine at once.  It’s not that some parts of it are only human other parts only divine.  All of it is human, for it was written by human beings, and all of it is divine, for these human writers were all inspired by God.  That does not mean that God whispered in their ears the exact words to write, but that God providentially arranged for these writers to write just what he wanted us to know.  He also providentially arranged for the Church, which Jesus left us, to pick just the right books to be included in the “canon,” or list of books in the Bible.

Now since the Bible is God’s book, and since God holds the secret of your identity, to find the secret of your identity you must read the Bible.

You get to know yourself only by getting to know God your Author.  But you get to know God most perfectly by getting to know Jesus, “the visible likeness of the invisible God.”  Therefore you get to know yourself best only by getting to know Jesus.


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