It is finished  (John 19:30)


What would “It is finished” mean on our lips at the end of our lives?  What would we have finished ?  What were we about?

Jesus’ words, desperate as they sound, are words of victory, of triumph.  The faithful one who came to us because God so loved the world, who came to us that we might be saved, has been faithful, in life and in death.  He suffers because he loved.  He saves us mysteriously through this ultimate sacrifice of himself.  Jesus, the object of violence and hatred, refused to pass them along to others, but let them die with him.  Dominican Father Herbert McCabe once wrote:

“Jesus was the first human being who had no fear of love at all; the first to have no fear of being human….We have made a world in which there is no way of being human that does not involve suffering….As I see it, not Adam but Jesus was the first human being, the first member of the human race in whom humanity came to fulfillment, the first human being for whom to live was simply to love.”

Jesus’ words remind us to ask ourselves, what are we about?  Are we alive, living, fully human, in the present moment?  We have no guarantees how long we will be here.  There are people who sat in these pews last year who are no longer with us.  What are we about?  What would the words “It is finished” mean on our lips today?


What are your thoughts?

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