Our God and Our All


During the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian, A.D. 527, the city of Antioch was repeatedly shaken by violent earthquakes.  People found no other means of safety than that of inscribing on their doors the words which were revealed to a faithful servant of God:  Christus nobiscum; state!–“Christ is with us; stand firm.”  All the houses whose doors bore this inscription are said to have been preserved from the ruin which threatened them, while the others were shattered and crushed.

It is similar with those souls who love and serve God.  In the midst of a Godless world there is but one means of perseveration from eternal ruin, one means of perseverance in the great tribulation of life–faithful adherence to the Most Blessed Sacrament, to the God-man concealed beneath the form of bread and wine.  The words, “Jesus Christ is with me; sand firm,” should be engraved in the heart of every Christian.  Protected by this shield, the servants of God will remain firm in the Faith, even though all about them totter and fall.

Our devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament must be true and tender; it must show itself by our assisting a Holy Mass–not only on Sundays, but also on weekdays, as far as the duties of our state allow.  Above all, our love for Jesus in the Holy Eucharist must manifest itself by a frequent reception of Holy Communion, by visits to the “Prisoner in the Tabernacle,” and by a penetrating faith in the Mystery of Love.

In a word, our life must be life in Christ, rooted in the Holy Eucharist.  With St. Ignatius we must be able to say, “To withdraw from creatures and repose with Jesus in the Tabernacle is my delight; there I can hide myself and seek rest.  There I find a life which I cannot describe, a joy which I cannot make others comprehend, a peace such as is found only under the hospitable roof of our best Friend.”

“Jesus in the Tabernacle protects me against all my enemies: against the evil spirits, the world, my own wicked passions and evil inclinations.  He is my support in weakness, my comfort n suffering, my weapon in combat, my refreshment in heat, food for my hungry soul, my stimulus when I am exhausted–He is my Heaven on earth.  Jesus in the Tabernacle is my riches in poverty, my defense in calumny, my crown in misfortune.  Jesus in the Tabernacle in my God and my All!

In other words, God has protected people before and is still doing it today while in the Tabernacle.  God is with us.


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4 thoughts on “How Catholics Live – Our God and Our All

  1. Hi, I totally agree that “Christ is with us; stand firm”. This is how Catholics live. With Christ in our heart, any problem and any difficult can be overcome, there are no weakness, no suffer, and no hungry since God prepare us all. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Anthony.
      It is so true that we must stand by our faith and teach others as well.
      God Bless

  2. Hello Bob, I really like the layout of your website and I think it is great how many articles you have created. Content creation is certainly important isn’t it? However, if it were me I would change all your articles to reflect that “Bob Strange” is the author of the post rather then “admin”. Just seems much more personal to me. But then that is me. A lot of the time people don’t agree with me but that is alright we all have a difference in opinions don’t we. lol

    1. Thanks so much for the comment and that is why I like WA so much, there are always smart people here to help me out. I honestly know that I should do that but have been lazy and haven’t taken the time to get it changed. Now, since you have graced my site, I will move it up on the To Do List. Thanks my friend, come back anytime. Bob

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