The Holy Eucharist is the touchstone of faith.  Our Divine Savior wishes to remain with us under the insignificant appearance of bread, so that everything we do toward uniting ourselves to Him should be a pure act of most meritorious faith.  Our faith is only then an act of homage to the Divine Majesty and a meritorious act of adoration when it is based on the authority of Divine Revelation.

Everything concerning the Blessed Sacrament is shrouded in deep mystery.  No created spirit, not even the Seraphim or Cherubim, is capable of penetrating the mystery which hovers about this sublime Sacrament.

Our reason is suspended before this unsolved problem; our senses protest against a doctrine which is beyond their sphere.  Natural knowledge fails in this case.  Here avails only humble faith in our Savor’s words: “This is my body, which is given for you.”  “The bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world….my flesh is meat indeed: and my blood is drink indeed.”

If, then, a man founds his unshaken faith solely on the words of Christ, that faith is, in truth, supernatural–a faith such as God expects from him.  Such faith is unyielding; it stands the test of the touchstone which Christ has left to us in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  We may say in all truth that our zeal and fervor toward the Most Blessed Sacrament is a reliable barometer of our whole spiritual life.  The true Christian is known by his faith in the Blessed Sacrament.

How is it that so many Christians who assist even daily at Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion are, nevertheless, so cold, indifferent and full of distractions when they are in church before the Tabernacle?

It is because their faith is so weak that it does not deserve the name “faith.”  True, they believe that Jesus is present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, but they are not penetrated by the presence of God in such a manner as to feel themselves drawn to the Tabernacle when they enter the church.  Their conduct in church and the way in which they make the genuflection show clearly their weakness and lack of faith, typical of so many Catholics.

Souls who are well grounded in faith on earth should bear a close resemblance to the Blessed in Heaven.  What the Blessed in Heaven behold unveiled, the same we will behold on earth in the light of faith, if we are penetrated with a lively sense of the presence of God.

Lack of a lively faith in the Holy Eucharist is the reason lukewarm Catholics lose their faith and turn their backs upon the Church.  We shall never be able to lead a spiritual life and attain to familiarity with God, nor draw abundant fruits from Holy Communion, if the virtue of faith is wanting.  And alas, how many are lacking in a firm, lively faith!

O Faith, thou marvelous virtue!  O sublime virtue, how little art thou known!  Oh, let us pray for a most fervent, lively faith!  Then will the Holy Eucharist be our life and our All, and our souls will be enriched with heavenly treasures.  The just man lives by faith.  Experience has proved that luke-warmness in devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament precedes indifference to the practice of one’s holy religion.



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