I have actually met people that really thought Catholics weren’t Christians.  Where does that come from?

Basic Christian history.  One Christian Church was established by Christ himself.  Now this Church was made up of sinners and poor fisherman and it had it problems throughout the years.  Then one man named Martin Luther decided he didn’t like something about that one Church and decided to change it all, he did, it was called the Reformation, the beginning of another church, the Protestant revolution.  This church began and others decided Martin Luther was not doing things right so they changed it, and just like that another church was born.  This process has repeated itself nearly 36,000 times.  Every time someone doesn’t like what their church is teaching, they just start a new one…

During this process of setting up churches, some people decided to make up lies about the first original Church set up by Christ himself, the Catholic or Universal Church.  These lies and misunderstandings have been passed on for years creating Catholic bashing churches that still today spew lies and misdirection for anyone that will listen.   Some churches literally have text books that teach Catholics are essentially a Pagan cult, and all are going to Hell.  Many denominations teach this misdirection.  Not all teach this but there are more than enough wo do to make my point.

Why?  Why would a so called Christian Church do this?  Beyond me.

The Catholic Church has had its problems throughout history but I would much rather belong to a Church that Christ set up, not some guy.

Not only do Catholic have to battle some so called Christian church teachings that are far from being Catholic but sometimes Catholic are not always as educated in their faith as they could be.  When these Catholics are asked if they are Christian, sometimes they respond with “no, I am Catholic.”  It is our own ignorance of our faith that compels us to answer in this manner.

So why do we Catholics do what we do? In our defense, we’ve called ourselves this going back to the end of the 1st century.  However, it’s in our ignorance of how we are perceived today that forms the core of the problem.  To be taken serious be many Protestants, we must first bridge this gap of how they view us.

As a Catholic, you can do two things to help fix this.

  1. Profess your faith properly. When asked if I’m a Christian, I respond with, “Yes, I’m a Catholic Christian.” Always add in that “Christian” part for emphasis. This is very important. Knowing we are misunderstood, change how you represent yourself. You will be shocked at how many doors this opens to evangelizing! I could write a book on how many fruitful conversations this has started.
  2. Defend your faith. With a charitable heart, defend the Church. For example, say something like this: “The Catholic Church is Christian because it is the Church founded by Jesus Christ. For the first thousand years of Christianity, our Church was it, and even after the Great Schism of 1054 all Christians celebrated the faith the way we still do — until the time of Luther.” And so on.

Catholics have the one true Church to be proud of, don’t be embarrassed, don’t back down, keep the fight.  Like it said, we have had our problems but we still belong to the one true Catholic and Apostolic Church set up by Christ himself, not a man.

Stick with the faith.

God Bless

2 thoughts on “Protestants do not consider Catholics Christians

  1. I grew up with two parents who were brought up Protestant but who were not exactly practicing. I went to church with my grandparents and enjoyed it. I converted to Catholicism in 1999 and consider this religion to be ULTRA Christian. I don’t know why people separate Christians and Catholics. We are the same, only really MORE SO.

    1. The Catholic Church is the One True Church. The first Church founded by Christ himself. Yes, there has been many growing pains but still it is the right place to be. It was founded by Christ, not some man that wants to follow his own beliefs.
      Please come back to watch our site grow.
      God Bless

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