Walk His Way

Walk His Way

They were, however, to wear sandals (Mark 6:9)

Have you ever done any backpacking or long-distance hiking?  If so, you have the potential to relate well to this Gospel.  Modern-day backpackers understand very well the critical need of traveling as light as possible.  Only the bare essentials are carried on the journey.  Otherwise, carrying too much weight in your pack weighs you down and slows you down.  Backpackers and hikers also understand the importance of proper foot gear.  Without sturdy hiking boots, a backpacker won’t travel far and probably will not persevere on the journey.  Likewise, a hiking staff or trekking poles help the walker maintain balance and cover more territory on the journey.

Jesus, when sending out His disciples on mission, instructed them to take almost nothing, only sandals and a walking stick (Mk 6:8-9).  As with the backpacker, both sandals and walking stick enable the disciples to cover more miles without wearing down.

A backpacker would not leave on a trip without proper food, water, or the proper clothing and gear.  Yet Jesus tells His disciples to take no sack, pack, food, money, and yet to travel long distances carrying the good news (Mk 6:8).  Walking like this requires a supernatural trust in and abandonment to the loving provision of the Father.  Evangelizing has an ecology to it, and Jesus provides everything necessary.  People notice this kind of radical trust in the Father, and they respond to it.  Jesus tells us precisely how to spread Good News.  Walk His way.


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